Dworzec PKP
53 000
gross daily number
of viewers
12x5 m2
of advertising
Warsaw Downtown Railway Station (Warszawa Srodmiescie)

Warszawa Śródmieście is the largest railway station in Poland, serving provincial and regional trains. There are 12 advertising screens with an area of 5m2 on the station platforms. The screens are mounted on both sides. Thanks to this, the spot displayed on them is visible to every passenger – both entering and leaving the station. Every day, an average of 53,000 passengers get on and off at the station. Nearby is Warszawa Central railway station, which is connected to the station by an underground passage, numerous bus and tram stops, as well as the Centrum finish station. It is one of the largest transport hubs in Warsaw, crucial for the city and the region.

Warszawa, Al. Jerozolimskie 52 (PKP Śródmieście)

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