DOOH advertising is
2.5 times more effective

Dynamic content causes an increase in interest and engages more when it comes to arousing emotion and memorability of the message
*Publicis Group 2020 research - Effectiveness of Digital Out of Home advertising

What are the benefits
of the DOOH campaign?

Digital Out Of Home campaigns can be launched immediately on any number of carriers. In Screen Network, you can modify your message in a few minutes, regardless of place, time and, above all else, regardless of budget or target group
The dynamic content on the Large Format Screens is eye-catching. Spectacular locations offer enormous opportunities to use creative and innovative forms of communication, thanks to which we effectively attract the attention of the audience
Digital Out Of Home applies the ability to connect screens with Big Data, mobile advertising and to create advanced 'image recognition' software, used to recognize any objects in front of the screens

What distinguishes our offer?

Changing advertising under the influence

Changing the displayed advertisement as a result of fluctuating temperature, rainfall or air quality measurements
Measuring carbon emissions at the time of arrival to selected locations and the presence of traffic congestion
social media
Linking the displayed advertisement with content shared in social media
Connection to any database (e.g. number of products available in the promotion)

We put the latest technologies into action

Image recognition

Our most representative screens have been equipped with sensors that enable recognition of objects in the vicinity of the screen. The technology allows you to detect car brands, the type of clothes worn, gender, emotions, and many other factors. When a specific object is detected, the screen modifies the display in real time


The advertisement displayed on our screens may change depending on any selected factor – e.g. time, current weather conditions, traffic or location of a specific medium. Thanks to the connection of screens with network resources, it is possible to associate the advertisement with any selected factor and automatically modify it in real time. A trigger is a prompt that changes the creative display on the screens

3D anamorphic billboards

The highest quality LEDs combined with high-quality 3D animation make the advertisements viewed from a specific vantage point extremely boxy and create the illusion of three-dimensional depth on flat surfaces. Advertising creations using this technology electrify crowds and engage recipients on an unprecedented scale. They encourage you to record videos and take photos that go viral on social media, increasing the reach of the campaign.

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