Advertising in shopping centres and gyms - when
making purchasing decisions

4 mln
daily audience
19 137 k
LED/LCD screens

Advertising while shopping engages and evokes positive associations and influences consumer choices. This is the perfect moment to reach people who make purchasing decisions “there and then”. However, shopping centres are not the only places where consumers shop. It is a space where they spend more and more free time.

Shopping malls and gyms
all over Poland

Most purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale, which is why advertising in shopping malls is an ideal place to present a product or service. Screens in newsagents encourage impulse buys, and advertising in fitness clubs offers extended exposure by reaching returning customers.
Media Markt
249 000
daily audience
City fit – network of fitness clubs
12 000
daily audience
Newsagent’s shops
46 000
daily audience
Digital storefront
3 750 000
daily audience

Why is it worth it?

Ads displayed on screens may depend on any data source and change depending on the weather, time of day or match result. The campaign can be adjusted according to location - by selecting media in a selected city, province, and also a specific shopping mall.
High coverage

Locations with a very high daily number of visitors

Keeping the attention

While shopping, the consumer is open to new offers

Regular contact

Advertising in fitness clubs is an opportunity to reach returning customers with a message

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