The largest stations, hundreds of thousands of professionally active consumers

daily audience
LED/LCD screens

The largest railway stations, airports and metro stations. These places are visited by thousands of travelers every day. People commuting to work and school, shopping, as well as moving between cities, going on holidays or weekend trips. Waiting at the train station is an ideal opportunity to communicate with consumers who, whether they wants it or not, have time.

67% of professionally
active consumers

The largest and most visited stations in Poland, including, main halls, platforms, as well as busy underground passages that serve passengers and all footfall. Screens at selected locations absorbing the largest audiences.
Warszawa Wschodnia
181 000
daily audience
Warszawa Centralna
41 000
daily audience

Why is it worth it?

Advertisements displayed on screens may depend on any data source and change depending on the weather, time of day or match result. We offer unlimited spot exchange during the campaign - in just a few minutes.
High coverage

Locations with a very high daily number of visits, great exposure.

Keeping the attention

While waiting for the train to arrive, consumers are open to advertising messages

Broadcasting time

Most locations in the network operate 24/7 as there are always recipients about

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