160 000
gross daily number
of viewers
16 m2
of advertising
Warsaw, Al. Jana Pawla II / Chmielna

The advertising screen is located in Warsaw at the busy intersection of Al. Jerozolimskie and Al. Jana Pawla II. This is three lanes towards the screen and the maximum intensity of cars, pedestrians and public transport. The advertising screen is passed and seen by nearly 150,000 people every day. Advertisements displayed on the screen are perfectly visible to people waiting for the lights to change, pedestrians and passengers from nearby stops. Nearby there is, among other things: Warsaw Central Railway Station as well as numerous office buildings, Warsaw Marriott Hotel and service outlets.

Ekran reklamowy LED - Reklama Digital OOH - Warszawa, Jana Pawła II - Screen Network
Warsaw, Al. Jana Pawla II / Chmielna

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