Key intersections and major arteries in bustling cities

3,9 mln
daily audience
998 m2
of advertising space

Large-format screens placed along popular commuter routes in large cities. Located in places with slow vehicular and pedestrian traffic, they attract the attention of drivers, public transport passengers and passers-by.

Traveling with an active urban consumer

Screens were placed at intersections and streets with the highest traffic intensity. They are located near city centres, thoroughfares and places with pedestrian and car traffic concentration. They have been installed in places ensuring excellent visibility from greater distances.
Warszawa – trasa S8
315 000
daily audience
Warszawa – Rondo Żaba
100 000
daily audience
Warszawa – Al. Jerozolimskie / Krucza
160 000
daily audience
Poznań – Roosevelta / Dąbrowskiego
80 000
daily audience
Warszawa – Al. Krakowska
120 000
daily audience
Warszawa – Wisłostrada
150 000
daily audience
Warszawa – Al. Jerozolimskie / Jana Pawła
160 000
daily audience

Why is it worth it?

Dynamic presentation of content effectively attracts attention. The ads displayed on the screens may change depending on the weather, time of day, or the result of the match. We offer unlimited spot exchange during the campaign - in just a few minutes.
High coverage

Screens are located in zones with the highest traffic

Keeping the attention

Large screens are located in places with slow traffic

Perfect visibility

Displayed messages are perfectly visible from greater distances

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