78 900
gross daily number
of viewers
50 m2
of advertising
Lodz, Manufaktura – parking

The advertising screen is located in the parking area of the Manufaktura shopping center, a vital hub in Lodz that merges the world of commerce with culture and entertainment, establishing itself as the new city center.

Thanks to its strategic location, this Digital OOH screen captures the attention of consumers at critical moments—both before they enter for their shopping experience and as they leave, effectively prolonging brand exposure and significantly enhancing the likelihood of brand recall.

The digital LED billboard broadcasts messages that resonate with a wide audience, reaching not only those who are ready to make a purchase but also those who are contemplating or seeking services, thereby ensuring that the advertisement connects with individuals at various stages of the decision-making process and open to exploring new products and offers.

The advertising screen is perfectly visible to customers visiting Manufaktura, but also to drivers passing by Drewnowska Street – one of the key transport arteries of the city.

Łódź, Drewnowska 58

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