Prestigious locations and the biggest
screens - spectacular advertising in the heart of the city

1,6 mln
daily audience
of advertising space

Large-format technologically advanced screens placed in the most attractive locations – the very centres of the largest cities. They are perfectly visible to millions of motorists and pedestrians moving around the cities with the largest clusters of people.

Digital large-format advertising

Super Screens are large advertising screens in strategic points around the largest assemblages. In places where advertising content effectively and easily attracts attention. They are perfectly visible from greater distances and extremely effective. Thanks to the perfect location, the content displayed reaches a very wide audience.
Plac Unii
285 000
daily audience
Dworzec Warszawa Centralna
227 600
daily audience
Marriott Double Screen
456 000
daily audience
Dworzec Warszawa Wschodnia
136 000
daily audience
Dworzec Katowice
71 600
daily audience
Hanza Tower w Szczecinie
94 600
daily audience
Dworzec Poznań Główny
51 000
daily audience

Why is it worth it?

Prestigious and technologically advanced media placed in strategic, attractive locations are ideal for both image campaigns and the organization of non-standard, engaging projects. Advertisements displayed on screens can change in real time - depending on an array of variables, e.g. weather, time of day or match result, but also customer data. The campaign may also depend on the location, as well as the appearance of a specific type of vehicle in front of the screen.
High coverage

screens are located in zones with the highest traffic levels

Perfect visibility

displayed messages are perfectly visible from many vantage points

Prestigious locations

eye-catching and much better than any other form of advertising

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