Marriott Hotel
456 000
gross daily number
of viewers
2x140 m2
of advertising
Warsaw Marriott Hotel

Marriott Double Screen is a corner advertising screen. It consists of two large-format LED screens (140 m2 each), which are located on the roof of the Marriott Hotel – in the very centre of Warsaw. Impressive size and perfect location draws the attention of thousands of consumers every day. The screen is visible from three directions of travel, passengers from nearby public transport stops and Warsaw Central Railway Station. The screen is located at the intersection of several of the most frequented arteries in Warsaw – Aleje Jerozolimskie, Jana Pawła II and Chałubiński. The most important business centres, numerous service and commercial points (e.g. Złote Tarasy shopping centre) and important transport hubs (Central Railway Station, Warszawa Śródmieście Railway Station and numerous tram and bus stops) are located nearby. They generate intense footfall at the screen 24 hours a day.

Advertisements presented on the media can change in real time depending on any factor, such as: weather, match score or traffic congestion. The screen enables the implementation of campaigns based on Image Recognition, as well as the emission of 3D spots that create the impression of three-dimensionality of products presented on the screen.

Hotel Marriott Warszawa
Samsung x Żabson – pierwsza reklama 3D DOOH w Polsce (2)
Warszawa, al. Jerozolimskie 65/79 / Al. Jana Pawła II

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