Symulakra – a digital sculpture created by the forces of the city

Symulakra – a sculpture created by the forces of the city. Digital Out-Of-Home and art in public space. A joint project of Screen Network and the panGenerator art group.

The fastest growing medium after the internet, Digital Out-Of-Home, constantly surprises us with newer and more innovative solutions, not only when it comes to personalized advertising messages, but also actively changing the urban space.

Thanks to the combination of art, computer vision, data from cell phones and a spectacular LED solutions, it was possible to create a unique place on the map of Warsaw, where residents can participate in creating digital sculpture.

This artistic and technological project was commissioned by Screen Network while the award-winning art group panGenerator is responsible for the artistic form of the venture.

The philosophical term Simulacr (a) simulacrum (Latin simulacrum “similarity, appearance”) was popularized by Jean Baudrillard. It is an image that is pure simulation of reality or creation of its own reality. It can also be a material object representing a living, supernatural and fantastic being in their three-dimensional shape.

The concept of Symulakra was an inspiration to create a digital sculpture that changes under the influence of city traffic & data in the vicinity of the screen on which it is displayed.
Its shape is therefore influenced by car traffic on Puławska street and data from cell phones of people gathered around the screen, i.e. the general intensity of use of mobile internet and statistical demographic data determining age. You can also directly influence the shape of the sculpture using a dedicated mobile website:

From November 5, the sculpture will be exhibited every day at : 7 pm, 8 pm and 9 pm for 5 minutes.
Thanks to this, a kind of an open digital gallery will be created at Plac Unii. Every day we will witness a live urban sculpture, which shape will constantly evolve, creating its own reality. Simulacra will be a living sculpture, in constant motion – just like the city in which it is presented.

We put a lot of work and effort into this project, we wanted to show a completely different use of our screens. I am very glad that the creators of the panGenerator group took up this challenge and created such a wonderful project. I hope that Simulakra will positively fit into the artistic vibe of the city.

Agnieszka Godlewska, President of Screen Network

New digital media in urban space allow new forms of art to exist. In the Symulakra project, we explore innovative tools of creative expression, creating a digital sculpture in public space, which, unlike its traditional counterparts, is a dynamic form that is constantly changing under the influence of urban traffic and data. It also gives residence opportunity to, engage and interact directly – an important element in our artistic practice

Jakub Koźniewski, panGenerator
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