Deep Fake – We move the Art

The DeepFake technology allows to create attractive animations that bring to life photographs and paintings which we display on screens comprising our network.

The ‘We revitalize the Art’ campaign uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to create lifelike animations of famous paintings. A lot of people wonder how the subjects of the famous portraits actually looked like. Today, by combining digital OOH with deepfake technology, we can answer this question better than ever. The technology yields a new insight. Screen Network has created an urban gallery of the famous masterpieces painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer and more. Paintings were brought to life for the „We revitalize the Art” project with the use of progressive algorithms, image stabilization and advanced light effects.

This DOOH exhibition is divided in weekly stages. Every week, Polish citizens will have the opportunity to discover several masterpieces of art from various eras and styles (e.g. “Lady with an Ermine”, “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, “Van Gogh self-portrait”).  The main objective is to showcase digital OOH as a public space medium which could be both educational and entertaining.

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