The screens indicate the current air quality

Throughout the campaign for Philips, we used readings from measuring devices that updated the spots shown on our advertising screens on an ongoing basis. The displayed creative indicated the current air quality near each of the screens. We reminded people that the air at home can be up to 5 times more polluted than outside. At the same time, we presented a ready-made solution – the purchase of a Philips air purifier.

Kreatura 2019
MIXX Awards 2018

Screens participating in the campaign were carefully selected for urban traffic and were located in the busiest arteries in the largest Polish cities. A specially written algorithm placed in the spot downloaded data from the nearest measuring stations, which resulted in a dynamic display of a message about the current state of air pollution in the vicinity of the screen. In places where the air quality was declining, the application automatically thickened the emission of messages, informing about the state of air quality HERE and NOW.

Thanks to this innovative technology, hundreds of thousands of people could see that smog is not just a general problem. The present problem has become physically noticeable. The campaign translated into a spectacular increase in sales and product recognition.

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