Threat Alerts on Screens Nationwide

RCB Alerts are sent out in emergency situations where lives are imminently at stake. They warn, among other things, of weather hazards. As part of the campaign, we provided screens on the most frequented roads, shopping centres and railway stations. People in the endangered area would see the warning not only on their phone, but also on screens in urban spaces – on the way to work, school, while traveling or while shopping.

Constant connection of screens with network resources gives a unique opportunity to immediately broadcast and update the presented spots. Thanks to geo-location, messages appear only on carriers that are located in the areas covered by the warning. Our advertising screens update the spots displayed on them in just a few minutes. Thanks to this, adding new material is possible at any time. This process is fully automated and new materials can be added by the client – using a dedicated campaign panel. The content of the message and the area where the warning is to be displayed are selected directly by the representative of the institution and our system automatically generates a spot with the selected text and displays the message on all screens in the selected region or province.

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