Countdown to the return of Burger Drwal

In order to strengthen the emotions associated with the announcement of the return date of Burger Drwal on screens across Poland, we launched a countdown. We displayed the exact number of hours, minutes and even seconds left until the iconic burger appeared in McDonald’s restaurants.

The return of Burger Drwal to the McDonald’s chain restaurant has become an annual sensation. The event attracts the attention of thousands of consumers. Burger fans line up outside restaurants before midnight! In order to announce the date of this year’s return of the iconic Burger and to strengthen the emotions associated with it, the advertising creation was based on a clock. Digital screens can display advertisements dynamically. It is possible, among other things, to display clocks that count down the time to any and all events. Each time the creative is displayed, the clock automatically refreshes, indicating the current time remaining to any given event – in real time. In the case of McDonald’s advertising – the exact time remaining before consumers could get their desired meal.

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