The ad reacts to the weather and time of day

Displayed spots changed depending on the weather and time of day. The ad referred to the conditions that consumers were experiencing at a given time in the vicinity of a particular screen. Contextually matched slogans accurately commented on reality, attracting the attention of consumers. This gave the recipient the impression that the advertisement actively accompanies them throughout their daily rhythm and points to what the aura brings.

The Fruit Grower Brothers encouraged people to reach for natural products made from delicious Polish apples using the full potential of digital advertising screens. The campaign was primarily aimed at increasing sales and showing the wide portfolio of the brand. In the visual layer, in the foreground, a well-exposed product was visible, which, combined with a catchy slogan, accurately commenting on the surrounding reality, was the key to attracting attention and entering into a dialogue with the recipient.

The advertisements were displayed on giant screens on the busiest roads and intersections in large Polish cities.

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