How many minutes to the nearest McDonald’s restaurant?

Most of us, feeling hungry, are susceptible to culinary suggestions. McDonald’s took advantage of this reliance, using the possibilities of Screen Network advertising screens. The campaign was displayed on big screens located near the restaurant. The screens continuously downloaded information about traffic and congestion and informed drivers how many minutes they had left to their desired meal.

They trusted us
MIXX Awards 2017

The dynamic creative was connected to a database monitoring traffic on the section between the screen and the nearest McDonald’s restaurant. Thanks to this, each screen automatically updated the displayed creative and indicated the actual time of arrival to the nearest restaurant. The campaign was broadcast only when the breakfast offer was available in restaurants. Selected LED carriers were located at a maximum distance of 2 km from each restaurant. Advertising screens have completely new possibilities for outdoor advertising. Thanks to the constant connection with network resources, it’s possible to carry out campaigns that have so far been only possible on the Internet.

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